Saturday, July 18, 2009

Being Bad is Interesting

I have recently come to realize that my new main character, Maddie Dunn, is not a very good person. I think that's why she's so interesting to write; she can do things that I find morally questionable, and she's cool with it. She can rationalize wonderfully; I really like her for that. Her boyfriend, Trevor, was in danger of becoming boring, since he had such a strong moral center, but I've been working on a way to corrupt him without destroying what I love about him, so I think that's coming along, too.

Why am I writing this in my frikkin' blog? No clue. I've been really bad about posting regularly; my energies have been going into the new manuscript (and before that, the old manuscript). So, I bet no one is reading this as it's posted. Oh well; consider this blog public therapy, then.

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