Friday, November 5, 2010

Query Critiques

I hope you've voted in the current Great Query Contest! BTW, I got an email a few days ago, and found out what some people charge:

UPDATE: D'oh!  The online seminar was yesterday, so the link doesn't go an active page. Sorry! I was on a business trip all week and had scheduled all these posts in advance.  

$79x40 participants = a couple months' mortgage *whew*

Has anyone used a writing service like this--or have you gone to conferences or workshops that you'd recommend? How about QueryShark?

BackSpace Writers Conference was fantastic for me. I highly recommend it.

I think I'll have another Query Contest next Spring or Summer, but I think I'll cap it for the first 12 participants or so. I'll also offer a partial critique in next year's Brenda Novak auction.

Finally, here's something that gave me a laughing fit:
(the embed gave me some sassy backtalk, so I included the link as well).

Happy Weekend!


kimysworld said...

The link to the charge for queries says its not found - can you check it and repost? I am very curious about it! Thanks!

Jennifer Armentrout said...

I can't remember what agent this was, but it was off the literary guide and she charged about $79 a query too during her writing conference.

There's some money in that. =)

Mai said...

I did pay a little more than that to attend a webinar with about writing queries (that also offered a query critique), but it was 100% only b/c the person leading the webinar and critique was one of my top literary agents of choice. It was just an opportunity I couldn't pass up!

Anonymous said...

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