Friday, April 6, 2012

The High Road

Taking the high road isn't as much fun as Option D.


Yesterday, I saw your request for a copy of Pure on Share Term Papers... and so did Jennifer Armentrout. Here's the deal--if people don't buy our books (rather than taking them without paying for them), we won't be able to keep putting them out. Spencer Hill is a small press; we don't have fancy New York offices or big print runs. What we do have is a mission to build the careers of talented new authors--and the money we make from the sale of Jennifer's her books goes into publishing her current and future books, as well as those of some amazing new authors whose books I bet you'll love.

But if we don't make money, we can't keep doing that.

So, I have a request--if you want to read our books, please buy them. The e-book version of Pure is only $5.99 at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


Cassandra said...

I think it sounds perfect... Hopefully she buys it!

Kim said...

Well done! I'm proud to be a SHP author!

Michelle Pickett said...

Perfect, Kate. Even though I agree that option D would have been more fun.

Proud to be an SHP author. :)

Lisa Rogers said...

Good Job!!! But the thought of D just makes me all kinds of Happy.

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

class. act.

Shellie said...

Well said. And if they don't feel like buying it then have them go to my blog ( and enter my giveaway...or hell just tell me and I'll buy it for them. I hate hate hate piracy, especially on authors because I want the rest of the books *enters cursing and throwing things*. Boy today I'm just in one of those moods, but it irks me when I see stuff like this. <3

Sharon Bayliss said...

Yeah, I don't know why people go through the trouble to steal e-books when they are so affordable. Just dumb.

J.L. Spelbring said...

Nicely done!

Super proud to be part of the SHP family!!

Kelly Hashway said...

You handled this well, Kate. I'll echo the others: I'm proud to be a SHP author. :)

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