Tuesday, May 27, 2008

For Sale-Manuscript

Yes, I am trying to publish my manuscript, a young adult/fantasy novel called Bagastana. It's in great condition; its previous owner was a little old lady who only used it to read to church on Sundays.

Seriously, it's a great story. Twelve-year-old twins, Mina and Darwin, find a box with their names on it among their adopted mother's things. When they open it, they find a pendant, and, when they hold it, they enter another world, a world full of magical creatures. There are communist ants, evangelizing fish, and redneck eagles who are waging a war on tree-orists. The twins need to find their way to a portal back to their own world, but the only one is guarded by the Maker, who will destroy them if he discovers who they really are...

So, now that I've plugged my book, let me give you the cool site link-of-the-day:


The art of the Bonsai Kitten. SPCA members, relax; it's not real, OK?