Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Randomness

Hello to the three potential readers of this post.

Why are you reading this? You probably don't know me (it would be weird if you did though; where did you go to high school?), but I want to use my English more, and when I write my Jersey accent doesn't show.

So, it's beautiful today in Istanbul,
where I live with my husband and the my three little kids (all under age three). No, I'm not a fundamentalist anything, and yes, I know how birth control works. Now.

The kids are destroying their room while I write this, but they aren't hitting, biting, or falling off anything, so I figure the damage is fixable.

Since you've read this far, I figure I should reward you. Here is your random fun site for the day:


The uncyclopedia is like wikipedia, only blatantly wrong and funny. Enjoy!

If you have a funny site you want to share, please post to this thread. I'm going to try to give an entertaining website or cool photo or something in every post, so please feel free to blatantly promote your own site, if you think that it is something people would enjoy.

I don't want to see your angst-filled student film on YouTube, though. Not only do we all have enough angst in our lives without dealing with some 20-year-old's melodramatic thoughts about death, but I live in Turkey, and currently YouTube is blocked for the whole country. Before moving here, I had no idea that a website could be blocked for a nation like that. This is the third time this has happened since we moved here last year; some jerk posted a clip about Ataturk or Cyprus or the Kurds that was offensive to the government, and now I can't watch "Cute with Chris." What happened in Toronto? Will I ever know? When?

See what I mean about the angst?