Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ending Series

I finally got a chance to read Last Sacrifice this weekend! I wasn't disappointed, although it is a bit sad when series I love end. So, how do you think a book series SHOULD end?

Should the author wrap everything up in an epilogue that leaves no room for another book, like Jo Rowling did with Harry Potter?

Should the MC die? Although, in YA fantasy, that's not necessarily a series-ender (looking at you, P.C. Cast!). 

Should major plot arcs resolve, but the ending leave the characters in motion in the world?


I know what I'm doing with the end of Soulmate, which is Ganzfield #6.  I hope to get the draft done this spring or summer, after a revision or two on #5. 

What's your preference? And what's your favorite last book in a series? (no spoilers, please!)


Vicki Rocho said...

I like a tidy wrap up in a series. I want the epilogue, but am usually disappointed with that version of the end. I need to have some closure, just don't want everything spelled out for me.

Congrats on all those book nominations!

Taryn Tyler said...

I like to feel like every book before the last one has been leading me to it. If its just another book in the series --even if it is a really good one by itself --I'll be disapointed. I don't necisarily want everything wrapped up neatly but if it is the end I'd like it to stay the end. Sereis sequals aren't usually as good as the original and spoil the memory of the first one for me. Mostly I think I like the difference between a sucession of sequals and a series to be manifest.

LS said...

I prefer leaving the characters in motion. Let the major storyline wrap up, but let the reader know that the characters will continue on even if there aren't going to be any other books. One of the best series enders in my opinion was Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian. Fantastic ending to the series. Also The Sweet Far Thing was a great ending to the Gemma Doyle Trilogy.
Happy New Year.

brandileigh2003 said...

I like a pretty neatly tied up story, but I want to know characters are living on, and maybe a possibility of future spin offs or another book. Or at least that the character can live on in my head.
I was happy with how HP ended, as well as Vamp Academy and Breaking Dawn too.

Cari said...

I wasn't happy with all the loose ends of Vampire Academy.

Mocking Jay was amazing and a great ending.

I can say that Melissa Marr does some great things in her series. I haven't read the last one but each book is about a different main character. The main character for each book is a background character in the previous book.

Mortal Instruments is one that I though had a great ending but now with the next three books I'm worried about where the relationships will go.

Deniz Bevan said...

Eee, you're on the 6th Ganzfield novel already? I can't wait - I just started Legacy and I'm really enjoying it :-)

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