Monday, February 27, 2012

Great Romantic Couples

I'm conducting a workshop at RWA next weekend, and, as I was polishing up my PowerPoint presentation this weekend, I realized something.

I'm old and out of touch. 

All of my examples of great chemistry between two characters (I'm discussing character development and how it impacts romantic chemistry) are SO dated.

Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy.

Rhett and Scarlett.

Buffy and Angel.

BTW, don't get me started on Joss Whedon and romantic endings, and I'm discussing Twilight in the love triangle portion, so that's covered.

So, I'm asking you to help me out. Who are some of the more recent couples from books, films, TV, etc., who really seemed to connect on a deeper level for you? The example doesn't need to be from the last month or so, but it'd really help if I had a few that are more recent than Buffy.


Kimmy said...

Sam and Grace from the Shiver trilogy are perfect examples of true love. I also love Luce and Daniel from the Fallen trilogy by Lauren Kate. Hope that helps!

Brandileigh2003 (Blkosiner's Book Blog) said...

Stephan/Damon/Elena from Vamp Diaries.
Dimitri and Rose from Vamp Academy
Ash and Megan from Iron Fey
Luc and Fannie from Personal demons
Jace and Clarie from Mortal Instruments
and how can I forget...
Trevor and Maddie :)

Disgruntled Bear (Kate Kaynak) said...

Thanks, Kimmy and Brandi!

Deniz Bevan said...

Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser from the Outlander series!

Eliza Tilton said...

I'm a little late but Allie and Noah from the NOtebook and Mia and Adam from If I stay/Where she went. novels

Eliza Tilton said...
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