Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Plans for World Domination Continue Apace

I now have a couple of artists doing samples for me for the book trailer. This is cool. I have daydreams in which the trailer goes viral and gets millions of hits on YouTube. MINDER becomes a NYT bestseller, the artist gets known for his or her iconic style, and Glenridge's "Angels" is the number one cover of American Idol hopefuls next season.

Yes, it's just a dream, and I know it won't actually happen that way.

But it could.

No, I know it won't.

Unless it does.

Actually, my dreams are on a sliding scale. My definition of success includes Rowling-like fame and fortune, of course. Every writer has that dream, just like everyone imagines winning an academy award, Olympic medal, or Nobel prize. C'mon, you know you had that dream once, too. Perhaps you've even stood in the shower, clutching the shampoo bottle, saying, "I'd like to thank the academy..."

But I'd also consider myself a success if I could make enough money writing that I no longer needed to teach. Then I could write full-time.

And earning more than a teaching salary isn't much of a bar, so the "success zone" is pretty wide.

Never be afraid to redefine "world domination."

Apropos of nothing, I haven't given funny stuff for a while now, so here's something that shouldn't be as entertaining as it is. Enjoy!

Thanks for the link, Ramona!


Disgruntled Bear said...

It's wrong to laugh at the guy. I just can't help myself. *snicker*

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