Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Day

When did the hearty people of New Hampshire get so wimpy?

I walked the kids over to school this morning, only to find the parking lot empty. I hadn't checked my email over breakfast, and the principal has declared today a snow day.

For the record, it's not snowing. If snow had been falling, I'd have checked for the snow day email.

What's 3 inches? That's nothing! And it's 30 degrees out! That's frikkin' BALMY for this time of year!

Has the media's talk of the "snowpocalypse" struck fear into even the intrepid New Hampshirite?

And why do I like saying "snowpocalypse" so much? Snowpocalypse, snowpocalypse, snowpocalypse. Try it with a deep, movie trailer voice. "In a world - where everyone expected the climate to get warmer - SNOWPOCALYPSE."

Oh, and I've got some blunt feedback on MINDER waiting in my in-box. I glanced at it, had a sick sense of cold dread hit me in the chest (a snowpocalypse of the heart, if you will), and immediately closed the email to read later.

So now I've got THAT hangin' over my head. *sigh* At least the snow will be pretty. If it ever starts falling, that is.


Disgruntled Bear said...

It's 10am, and it's STILL not snowing. Grr...

Disgruntled Bear said...

Seriously? Seriously! They canceled my kids' school today, and, as of 11:30am, it's STILL NOT SNOWING! Their preschool class would have ENDED ten minutes ago! I had cabin-fevered preschoolers destroying my kitchen all morning FOR NO REASON!

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