Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Should I Self-Publish?

I love my book. But the lit agents haven't beaten down my door yet.

So, Plan B: self-publishing.

I'm considering it. I think I'd go print-on-demand, probably through CreateSpace or Lulu. I have a script-doctor taking a look at it now, since I want some kind of editorial review on it.

I'd also need a publicist. Got any recommendations?

I'm considering an unorthodox business model. What would happen if I gave the downloadable version of MINDER away for free? Would people be interested enough to pay for copies of the rest of the series? I think book 2, ADVERSARY, is getting pretty polished. I could have it ready in a month or two. Thousands of free copies of MINDER would get my name and my book out there, but they might cheapen my "brand." So I don't know.

Thoughts, anyone?


Beth said...

I say self publish. I read an article the other day that some self published authors are getting picked up afterwards and published. I don't think you should give it away.

Disgruntled Bear said...

Thanks, Beth.

drea moore said...

I wouldn't give away a free e-book version. A few chapters, yes. Something that goes and stops at an exciting part (say, right before something awesome happens and exactly in the middle of a chapter). This would be cool on a website, and after one reads just-so-far they could be channeled toward a spot where they could buy an e-book and/or print edition per their preference. I've recently been thinking along the same lines while helping a friend who is self-published and so have been learning a bit about marketing... so that's what I'd say.

Disgruntled Bear said...

Thanks for the feedback, Drea. I like the idea of the first chapters free, to get my readers hooked.

Like a drug dealer. But with YA paranormal romance.

On a related note, my first chapters are up at: http://www.katekaynak.com/writing/theganzfieldseries.html

glacierlilies said...

Hey...I have read that there are people who have their whole books downloadable free, who are doing well from the viral marketing thing. I even downloaded a novel and read the whole thing, and thought, that was good...I should buy that, or look out for more. So that's on the pro side. On the con...I didn't get around to it, and have forgotten the novelist and the name of the novel, though not the story. If I figured it out, I would be more inclined to buy something of his (or, to be honest, these days, check it out of the library). But...he didn't have the rest of the series tantalizing me. For things like TV series, I got them out of library, got hooked, and then started buying b/c I wanted to see the rest of the story. I think that you'd be more on that model, the wanting to read the rest model. So I'm actually in favor of the free first book, on the whole. I think. I suppose there's some question if you're after earning money quickest, or about building your fame...I think they might be a little bit at odds in the beginning. It's such a hard question, the free content one. Sherman Alexie says it's the downfall of us all, giving it away. Why buy the cow?

Disgruntled Bear said...

Thanks for the feedback, glacierlilies!

I think you and I have been reading some of the same stuff about giving away ebooks.

I'm back and forth on whether to give away just the first 100 pages or the whole book. Since it's a series, and I have book 2 in pretty good shape, the viral model might work in my case if I put book 1 out in its entirety.

I figure people are more likely to pick up a free book over a free half-a-book. I also have drafts/notes/ideas for books 3-6, so getting people in on book 1 could pay out if they liked what they read. If I just had a stand-alone novel, it wouldn't make sense.

Maybe some of the agents who have my queries/pages will use this "snowpocalypse" time to catch up on their slush pile reading and give me another option. I'd like to think global climate change had a silver lining.

glacierlilies said...

5 am?? good grief. i hope that was by choice! i always think, I should try that. I know someone who got her dissertation done by doing that, and was always back with her kids by noon. But I'm so perma-wiped, sleep always seems better.

apropos of nothing, are you keeping your name quiet or can I say, hey, blank, blah blah blah?

glacierlilies said...

oh. And I can't remember exactly how the first book ends, though I remember the rescue. I'm thinking if you go give-away, you should pump up the cliff-hanger aspects as much as you can without making the first book not hold together. I do hate books that don't cohere, but just end. Like, the last Diana Gabaldon. My God, did that need an editor. I get so frustrated with books that don't wrap anything up.

glacierlilies said...

also, for what it's worth, didn't think of this before, I talked to Jay G. in december, don't know if I told you, and he was very very against all forms of free content, including blogging. It took me aback. I don't know if he's right or not, you know? Yes, if we all give it away, why would anyone pay for the few writer holdouts? I entertain myself for free every night reading fanfiction and then forgetting it. But...there's such a thing as getting swallowed by a tide and needing to find a way to swim in it, you know?

Disgruntled Bear said...

Hi glacierlilies,

Feel free to use my real name. The blogger profile has all my contact info links, so it's not like I'm trying to remain shrouded in mystery.

Blog Trivia: I started using "Disgruntled Bear" as my nom de blog after I finished my novel, BAGASTANA (which is properly unpublished). Friends and family who read the manuscript kept saying, "You're the bear, right?"

For the record, yes, I am the bear.

Oh, and I think the 5am is Pacific time, which makes these posts less impressive, somehow.

Disgruntled Bear said...

I hate books that don't wrap anything up. The most recent installment of a certain YA vampire series left the MC in some kind of coma, with everything a total mess. No resolution at all.

I love this series, so I'm not going to name names. But the next book better clear things up.

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