Friday, February 11, 2011

News Flash

Fans of Paranormalcy, the sequel's up for pre-order on Amazon! It's called Supernaturally, and it doesn't even have cover art up yet, but I've already put in my order.  Seriously, the first book of this series is a five-star read, and, if you haven't picked it up, you MUST.  You simply MUST.

Happy weekend!


Brenda said...

Oh no. Another one I haven't read. I think I need to wait, though, b/c I've just started The Hunger Games series (I know, I'm way behind the trend) and I'm fully intending to ignore my family all weekend until I'm done with all 3 books. I'm not sure it will fly if I dive right into another one. Best to wait til next weekend. :)

Disgruntled Bear (Kate Kaynak) said...

I think you're going to enjoy HUNGER GAMES, Brenda!

Keisha Azzalea said...

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