Thursday, February 24, 2011

The UnBEARable Lightness of Blogging

If you've been reading Disgruntled Bear for a while, you know that I tend to blog a lot about different aspects of writing, publishing, and marketing books. And sometimes I link to funny stuff on YouTube. Recently I've been wicked busy with all the book stuff, and I've been a bit hodgepodge with the blog content.  So, now I'm asking you; what would you like more of on this blog? Critiques? Giveaways? Contests? Writing advice? Funny cat videos? Book recommendations? More puns? Pictures of a moose stuck in the roof of a shed?

Something completely different? Now's the time to let me know!


Anonymous said...

One of the best things about your blog is the hodgepodge. :)
But I love your contests.

KarenG said...

I say go with the flow and do what's fun for you! Altho I do tend to avoid blogs that post about blogfests I'm not involved with. They're great if you are part of it, but if not it gets tiresome. That's just me tho.

Anonymous said...

I love never knowing what to expect on your blog, Kate. Do what's fun for you. :-)

Kendra said...

Oh that poor moose....

I think anything you decide to add to your blog will be great!

Disgruntled Bear (Kate Kaynak) said...

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Well I am an oddball. I don't like blogs with giveaways, or contests. I like to read blogs that A)inspire me to write and B)make me laugh HYSTERICALLY, so I'd say your blog is pretty much ideal as it is. :-)

Disgruntled Bear (Kate Kaynak) said...

Thanks, Nancy!

Deniz Bevan said...

Love the critiques, Kate, you do them really well - both your advice and your format, where they're spread out over some days.

Disgruntled Bear (Kate Kaynak) said...

Thanks, Deniz! I think we'll have another query contest in April.

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