Thursday, April 21, 2011

Amazing Blends

It used to be simple.  The different genres were pretty obvious: sci-fi wasn't romance, which wasn't Western, which wasn't thriller, which wasn't fantasy, and so on.

Now we have Charlaine Harris with an incredible paranormal-romantic-Southern-mystery, and even Speilberg's newest, which pings my inner geekometer up to 11: (don't watch at work, in front of small children, or with my grandmother)

And to think we used to get all worked up when someone got their chocolate into our peanut butter.

BTW, who walks down the street eating directly from an open jar of peanut butter?

But I digress.

Finally, here's a piece of sublime fusion. Thanks to Gregg for the link!


Lisa Rogers said...

LOL You crack me up!!!

Andrew Leon said...

Well... um... I've never walked down the street eating from the peanut butter jar, but I have walked around the house doing it. I suppose, if I walked down the street eating more often, I might have done that, too.

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