Sunday, April 24, 2011


And the winner of the Spring Writing Contest is...

I was one of you. (Duality) 45.23% (166 votes)

Congratulations, LEXCADE! 

Thanks to everyone who submitted and to everyone who voted.

The winner will receive an in-depth critique of her query letter AND the first 10 pages of her fiction manuscript. Lexcade, please send me your email through the Ganzfield contact form and we'll work out the best way to get the pages to me for your critique.

Happy Easter to all you Easter-celebrators!


Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

Congrats LEXCADE! Best of luck with your writing :)

Deniz Bevan said...


agirlintheworld said...

Congratulations, Lexcade! :-D

Michaela Grey said...

Hooray! You deserved to win, Lexcade! :o)

Shallee said...

It's a great line-- congrats, Lexcade!

Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within said...

Sheilagh Lee said congratulations Lexade :) great line. Good luck with your book I hope you find publisher soon and best of luck with your continued writing.

Beckah-Rah said...

Yay Lexcade!!

Eliza Faith said...

Grats Lex!

Celeste said...

Congratulations to Lexcade! :)

lexcade said...

thanks, everyone! y'all are so sweet!

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