Monday, August 15, 2011

Book Launch-Day 1

And Accused is officially out... now!

I'm really excited about this one, and I want to share the giddy. Sooo, I'm going to offer a signed set of the first four Ganzfield books here in a giveaway. And I'm making this one international. 

To enter, post a response to this question: 

Who is more of a Jedi? 
A) Trevor 
B) Zack
C) I have no idea who these guys are, so I need to win these books

I'll give you one chance for your post, and an extra chance for being a follower, as well as for each link you post to Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc. Please include the links in your comment and post by midnight (EDT) Thursday, August 18th. I'll use to pick the winner and announce on Friday. 
Check back throughout the week for more launch festivities and giveaways. Happy Launch Day! 


Carole Anne Carr said...

Good luck with this one, hope you do very well indeed.

Deniz Bevan said...

Hmmm... I think I'd have to go with Trevor.

Deniz Bevan said...

I've Google+ed it!

Brenda said...

Happy Launch Day! Finished reading this morning on my commute! While walking! I shouldn't even be walking and talking...let alone walking, reading, listening to my iPod AND sipping a latte! But, it had to be done. Totally worth the couple of near-collisions. Loved Accused and already looking forward to Operative! Great job and congrats!!!

Lisa Rogers said...

What an awesome giveaway Kate!!!!!!!!!!!! Wishing you much success with ALL of these books.

nat said...

Wow thanks so much. Id have to go with number 3. I have these on my wishlist!! I have wanted them since the first came out.
GFC follower

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Tanya said...

Congrats on the launch of Accused.I'm going with choice #3.


mromero said...

Congratulations! And of course Trevor would be a better Jedi.

Beverly said...

I am not entering - although I wish that my copy of Accused was signed! I just got it in the mail yesterday! Pre-ordered it! Just wanted to stop and say hey - - everyone should read these!!!!! Good luck with the launch!

CYP said...

Congratulations for the release! I think I'd go with Trevor!

Tamara said...

Okay, so my answer is C.
I'm a follower and I tweeted:!/tamsbookramble/status/103397963551875072

Crossing my fingers!

Morgan said...

I would have to pick C. I arrived here because I saw it on Twitter. But now looking at the cover art for all of the books, I am really intrigued! I am definitely tweeting this one. :)!/MorganWrites/status/103401772005081088

Kendra said...

Not entering the giveaway, but I have to jump in with my opinion. LOL Trevor, definitely Trevor. Zack may be able to do all of the neat things that he does, but... he isn't Trevor.

Franny said...

Well, you know my opinion about Zack, so guess your conclusions :P

For everyone else, there's chances to win Accused over here too!

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