Friday, January 15, 2010

... By Its Cover

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I had an idea for the cover art of MINDER. Here's a mock-up:

Now, I know that, if MINDER is published by a Major Publishing House (cue angelic choir), they'll have a professional design team make up a cover and all. But a smaller house might just go with it. And, if I just punt and self-publish, I'd need to design my own, as well.

So, what do you think? Does the purple work for the text? I originally had it red, but it looked WAY too TWILIGHT-derivative.

Now it may be too derivative of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES. Green, maybe?

Yes, I did the graphic myself. I hand-drew the profiles, then PhotoShopped it into the Gestalt psych-test vase-or-two-faces thing. Do they look like a male and a female?

So, what do you think? Would you pick up a book with this cover? Got any suggestions for improving it? Color choice? Content? If you saw this cover, what would YOU think the book was about?

As an incentive to give feedback, for each comment I receive between now and midnight EST Sunday (one per person, "anonymous" doesn't count), I'll donate $1.00 to Doctors Without Borders for their emergency work in Haiti. Spread the word. Tell your friends.

Cut to a scene in which "Mr. Bear" reads the above and yells, "She promised WHAT?" Then clutches at his chest and collapses. So, for the sake of my husband's peace-of-mind, I'll cap that offer at $100.00.

I got this link (and this idea) from Nathan Bransford's blog. BTW, if you're not reading his stuff, you should be.

Happy Weekend!


ann foxlee said...

Here's your first dollar comment :-)

And I like both the cover design and the purple.
I always have a bit of anxiety about what a publisher might decide to do as a cover for my novel someday... Especially since the hubby deals with so many well-known artists, I really could have any of them do something for me... sigh, but of course the publishing house will have its own ideas, grumble grumble.

Disgruntled Bear said...

Thanks, Ann!

Your book sounds really interesting (Tales of the Floating World, an historical fantasy trilogy set in a mythical version of feudal Japan).

Check out her blog, people!

glacierlilies said...

hmm. I'm not sure, w/o being able to futz myself, but I might move the picture up a little toward the title, and make your name a tad doesn't feel grounded to me. But I'm not sure those would be improvements! As for the profiles, good job, Kate! Wish I could draw. I think ..hmm. I think I could go for girl and boy, with the one on the right being the girl? And I like the colors, though if I were on your computer I'd futz around a few more. maybe a royalish blue, just to see? boola boola...

StephTheBookworm said...

Really neat cover! I love the purple and black combination - it looks really good together. I also didn't know they were faces until you mentioned it, then I could see it. Very cool!

Beth said...

Love the cover Kate. I think the purple goes well with the black and using the optical illusion is very clever.

Disgruntled Bear said...

Thanks, glacierlilies!
Yes, you got the genders right on the profiles.

As for the Yale Blue, I'm saving it for the next book/series I'm considering, which will take place at Yale (or "Hale") University. The name change may be required for legal reasons, but it actually works, what with the statue of Nathan Hale right there on campus.

Steph, Thanks, as well! It's based on an old perceptual trick, and I like that it has the connotation that "there's more there than meets the eye."

Disgruntled Bear said...

Thanks, Beth!

ann foxlee said...

I also have to tell you that everytime I read your tagline about possibly mauling something, I giggle. I feel like mauling things regularly ;-P

june said...

The cover caught my attention right away and when I realized it was for your book, I thought "way cool!" I saw the glass first then after studying it for a few minutes, saw the couple.

My first thought was that it has something to do with drinking, because of the glass, then when I saw the couple, I thought of some kind of romance.

I like the cover a lot, but if drinking isn't a theme of some sort in the book or a glass doesn't factor into the plot, you may want to rethink the glass visual so that it's not misleading. Just something for you to consider.

Disgruntled Bear said...

Thanks everyone for your feedback, both to those who posted and those who emailed. I'll mull over the comments for a while and put an updated version on my website once I'm done.

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