Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chinese for Opportunity

Well, I heard from one of the three agents who have pages.


It is my new mission in life to become so successful that the agent in question RUES THE DAY she passed on MINDER.

"I passed on Minder!" she'll say to the other agents at the agent get-togethers. "That's like passing on Twilight! On Harry Potter!"

And the other agents will shake their heads in mock-sympathy, while silently laughing at her bad judgment.

Yes. Rue the day.

So, yeah. Slight set-back in my plans for world domination.

On the plus side, she gave me lots of notes, and said she loved the voice and the characters.

Just not the setting, and what I had them doing at some points in the plot. Whatever.

The sad thing is that I initially will dismiss her criticisms, but they will gnaw at my subconscious, torturing me in the deep hours of the night, until I actually address them in the manuscript.

Sometimes, being a perfectionist sucks. On the plus side, I get to spend more time in my manuscript, and it will be even stronger when I'm done.


glacierlilies said...

well, in my book that totally means she thinks you're a good writer who's going to make it. No one spends time writing notes to hopeless people. Seriously. No one edits trash.

Disgruntled Bear said...

Thanks, glacierlilies!

june said...

Yep. I'd have to agree. If she didn't see something worthwhile, she would never have bothered writing notes-they don't have time. See this as an opportunity to get expert feedback, then use it to whip your manuscript into shape. Keep it positive girl. It's going to be okay. :-)

Disgruntled Bear said...

Thanks, June! I love how supportive everyone is. I'm definitely pulling toward the "Gruntled" side of the scale now.

BTW, first pages are up at:
if you want to see how the book starts. If you send me feedback, you can send me 10 pages of your book, and I'll return the critique (be warned, the bear motif was earned; I'm pretty harsh. Send things you want to improve).

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