Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wicked Talented

Hi folks,

Amazement: it washes warmly over me. A smile lights my face. This past week, I've been so impressed with the TALENTS that some people have.

I just finished reading the novel of another unpublished writer, and it was as-good-or-better than the stuff on the shelves at Borders.

I have the sample sketch from the artist who accepted the commission for the book trailer art.

I've had the book trailer soundtrack song stuck in my head, and I'm still enjoying it.

The talent of these people! Amazing! And yet, none of them has hit it big -- yet. But their work stands out from that of their peers. They have the first parts of the formula: they have the raw talents, and they've been working at their crafts.

They still need the second half: the drive to keep trying, and the luck to get their work in front of the people who can do something about getting it out to the big, wide world.

So, you know who you are. Don't give up. Keep writing/drawing/making music. You are GREAT!

And, someday, I'll brag about how I knew you before you were famous.


Disgruntled Bear said...

And possibly wrangle an invite to one of your fabulous parties.

Brenda said...

I need to email you directly, but your comments and feedback are AMAZING and I can't even begin to express my appreciation. Seriously. Thank you SO much for all of your time. Should I ever have a fabulous party, you are definitely invited! At the minute, the soon-to-be 5yo is doing the rounds of friend's birthday parties and those are, well, loud. Fabulous in their own way, but really loud.

Thanks again and look forward to seeing more on Minder. Really want to see your artwork!!!

Disgruntled Bear said...

Hi Brenda!

My head's still in the world of the Rayhm. Loved it. Seriously. Now I'm hoping there will be a sequel; I want to spend more time there.

As for the artwork, I hope to get some of it up at ganzfield.com within a month or so, and then work on the book trailer. When that's done, I'll put it on YouTube and send out the link.

I'll also get everything up at spencerhillpress.com, as well. I'm getting more of the official paperwork done today. Papers and forms, papers and forms. My publishing checklist has over 30 items on it, and "write a book" is only one of them.

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