Monday, May 24, 2010

Contest Winner!

The winner of the signed copy of Minder is... Gail!

And thanks for the limerick, Misty! You're getting a signed copy, too, but you don't need to do anything...

(cue ominous music)... BECAUSE I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE.

(cue less-ominous music) ... because you're on my Christmas card list.

Gail, to claim your book, please go to and send me your mailing address through the contact form.

I feel like the prize is somewhat diminished this morning, as yesterday I found two typos *gasp!* and a few places where the paragraphs hadn't indented properly. Ugh. Looks like I'll need a second edition. It's amazing how many times I've read the manuscript and completely missed these errors. I wonder if there are more...

Grrr--bad thought. I may never sleep soundly again.

On a side note, it's amazing how many times I go onto YouTube to find something really cool and just end up looking at kitties. You've probably seen these two, but here they are again. If these are new for you, I suggest watching them in order.

Happy Monday!