Monday, May 10, 2010

Exploding Toilets

Ah, the glamorous life of the emerging novelist.

It gets light around 5am this time of year in New Hampshire, and my kids read the sky better than the clock. At 5:18 this morning, I woke to the sound of running feet and anxious little voices in the hallway.

I don't know what they put down the toilet to make it overflow with such magnificent deliberation. The article(s) in question has been lost to history. But the flood of 2010 will not be soon forgotten.

So I found myself an Army-Corps-of-Engineers-of-One. Before coffee. My husband conveniently has meetings with out-of-state clients today, so he missed the waterworks and the disinfection of everything in the path of the tsunami.

I guess it means that Mother's Day is over, and I needed to start earning next year's pancakes.

Happy Monday.

Moving on:

Oh, special thanks to Brenda for recommending the Blog Jog! We had a great turnout here, and I found some wonderful new blogs, as well.

Please keep passing around the link to the book trailer video:
We're saving children from malaria with every penny.
And we're promoting my book, which is cool, too.

The t-shirt giveaway is still active through midnight Eastern time today (Monday). Please comment in the Blog Jog post if you want one. I'll announce the winner(s) tomorrow, probably before noon--assuming the kids don't crack a water main between now and then.

Finally, here's something that reminded me of writing loglines and summaries:

Thanks to Nathan Bransford for the link.


Disgruntled Bear said...

On the plus side, the first customer reviews for MINDER are now showing up on Amazon's site--and I'm only related to one of the reviewers!

Colette said...

Still jogging around. Great site!

Disgruntled Bear said...

Thanks! Welcome!

MissV said...

My daughter once put every wash cloth we owned in the toilet. This is funny only because I wasn't the one who had to fish them out. This happened on Dad's watch!

Brenda said...

So sorry to hear about the great exploding toilet. We haven't had that yet in our house, but it's only a matter of time. And I missed the official blog job b/c our internet connection has been down for days. It has reconnected just in time for my work day. Of course. On the plus side, got lots of editing done!


Thanks for coming by on Blog Jog Day. I enjoyed your comments and I enjoy your blog. I share your frustration. Getting published seems like a huge mountain and I feel like all I have to climb the mountain are my manuscripts. At this point they are just a load to pack. I have so many other things to do to "build my platform." What a trip.

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