Thursday, June 17, 2010

Making a Difference (Party Day 4)

The world is full of problems, and I want to rule it I'd like to find a few ways to make it a better place.

I've pledged support for Nothing But Nets for each view of the Minder book trailer:

They give antimalarial nets to kids in sub-Saharan Africa. I also think it's cool that, despite being a nonprofit, they're a dot-NET, not a (get it?). So, today's question is:

What's your favorite charity?

Post as many times as you like in the comments section below. If you have a link, please include it. . Each unique post (by 7am EDT Friday, June 18th) will you one chance at the prize of your choice: a signed copy of Minder, a Minder t-shirt, a Minder poster, a writer's critique, cookies, or a character in a later Ganzfield book named after you. Details are spelled out in the Virtual Launch Party post from this past weekend. As a bonus, given today's topic, I'll also give $10 to the charity of your choice, provided it's a legitimate charity and not a Hitler Youth summer camp or something.

You can earn additional chances by linking your blog, website, Tweet, Facebook page, etc. to any of the following (or three chances if you link to all three):

Just put a link to YOUR link in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by, and please come back tomorrow for the final giveaway of the week.

UPDATE: Wednesday's winner is...Vicki Rocho! Vicki, please pick your prize and send me your info through the Ganzfield contact form. If appropriate, please tell me your shirt size or favorite kind of cookie.


Disgruntled Bear said...

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Emily White said...

Care Net Pregnancy Center.

Peter Smith said...

Doctors Without Borders.

Brenda said...

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Disgruntled Bear said...

Hopkinton (NH) Town Library. We raised a nice chunk of change for them this spring during the "I love libraries" blogfest.

Vicki Rocho said...

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! I won! I won! I won! Thank you!!!!

(celebration over sorry if I pierced any ear drums!)

My favorite charity would be the American Red Cross. We were in an apartment fire years ago and the Red Cross stepped in and helped with everything. It's such a blessing to receive help when you're at your lowest.

Thanks again!!! Going to do the happy dance again!

June said...

Congrats Vickie! I'm jealous. I want a Minder tee shirt!
My favorite charity is Neighborhood Cats. It's an organization to control feral cats and care for the ones occupying an area. Please give.

Jessica said...

There are so many great charities! Today, I'd picked the Marlborough Food Bank - I think it's great having local people help their neighbors.

glacierlilies said...

don't have stamina to make a bunch of different posts, but...

Heifer Project
Save the children
Feeding America
Environmental Defense Fund
Environmental Working Group - they're great!
that bomb-rat group I linked to on FB
the Pennies for Peace guy
the IRC
Doctors w/o borders

Disgruntled Bear said...

I'm loving this charity thing! We're getting a great list here. Keep 'em coming!

RichStorrs said...

Natural Resources Defense Council

Disgruntled Bear said...

And Thursday's winner is...glacierlilies! Email me with your choice of prize and charity!

Osman said...

While I know the contest is over, I want to note Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They are doing a lot of good for the world.

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