Monday, June 21, 2010


Who *else* is "you" online? What are your googlegangers (like doppelganger, but less German) out in the rest of the world?

Kate Kaynak's a unique name, as far as I know--it helps to have an English-Turkish mash-up name. But I was born Kate Alton, and my googleganger's a choreographer in Canada.I'm now the top Disgruntled Bear on the internet--thanks! But I'm not the only one:
Ganzfield isn't unique--I intentionally named the series after a parapsychology experiment. But Minder's kinda funny, since the former top-listed book of that name on Amazon was gay sci-fi erotica.
There's also a straight sci-fi erotica version:
What's up with the Minder-erotica thing? I'm bit embarrassed on Maddie's behalf, and I'm REALLY hoping that their readers and mine can figure out which is which. In case you're wondering, mine's right here--and it's NOT erotica. If I wrote erotica, I'd publish it under an appropriate pen name. *

Apparently there was a British TV show called "Minder," as well.

So, who else is you?


Disgruntled Bear said...

* Tanya Horn.

Disgruntled Bear said...

Heck--I just googled it. That name's already in use by FOUR strippers.

Or one stripper with a wig collection.

Readerly Person said...

Well, my full name (first and last) is exactly the same as a certain NYT bestselling author... I imagine that may start being bothersome if I ever get published.

- Rebecca

Disgruntled Bear said...

Hi Rebecca!

Consider a nom de plume--maybe your grandmother's maiden name or something. BTW, I liked your review of the most recent Meg Cabot book. Are you interested in reviewing MINDER? (the NON-erotica one, of course).

Matthias said...

I have a German doppelganger who runs a company called Ferber Software. You can see him here. My name is uncommon enough that when I first discovered this guy I kind of took it personally. I'm used to being the only one with this name.

There's also another, younger one, also in Germany, who got the Facebook username before I did, so I had to include my middle name.

fairyhedgehog said...

If you google "fairyhedgehog" what you find is pretty much me!

If you google my real name, you find my old counselling website, plus an "equine artist". Now that one isn't me!

Lua said...

I’m the only Lua Fowles out there! Which is why I love my penname :)

Disgruntled Bear said...

LOL, Matthias! BTW, this is not my husband: I've considered "friending" him ("Hi! We're sorta married!"), but he actually looks kinda scary.

Fairyhedgehog, does an "equine artist" paint horses--or just paint pictures of horses?

Excellent, Lua! Yours also has the feel of a blend of two cultures.

Emily White said...

Well, my married name googleganger is a musician, but my maiden name is Dickinson and I think you can figure that one out. :o

StephTheBookworm said...


Vicki Rocho said...

There is another Vicki Rocho out there. I hadn't Googled myself in a long time because nothing ever came up. Not sure what she does, but I'm pretty sure she's normal!

Disgruntled Bear said...

Emily--Your parents named you "Emily Dickinson?" Which one was an English teacher? :)
My cousin debated naming her daughter Emily Post.

Vicki--that means YOU have to be the amazing googleganger! In a few years, she can be the one who says, "Well, I don't need to tell you--she wrote TEMPTED."

Saumya said...

Haha, I love the term Googleganger. Fun blog!!

Disgruntled Bear said...

Thanks, Saumya!

Emily White said...

My mom named all of us with the idea of seeing our names on book covers some day. My initials are now E.T White and she wishes she'd given me a "b" middle name.

Readerly Person said...

Hey, I'd love to review your book, if that offer's still good! Do you still have my address? I can e-mail it to you if not. :)



Disgruntled Bear said...

Emily--I think she'll see your name on a book cover no matter what your initials are. :)

Rebecca--I still have it. I'll send it along today! Thanks!

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