Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What's Good Here?

People keep commenting on how much I rag on New Jersey in Minder. There's even a line in the jacket copy. I can't help it--the zinger lines keep coming to me when I write.

When I was down south about six years ago, I saw a great shirt:

ALABAMA: At least we're not Mississippi.

Some places are simply worthy of insult. And, if you're from the location in question, you're allowed to make the jokes with impunity, right? So, what do people say about your place in the world?

UPDATE: there's a LOL list here.


Disgruntled Bear said...

New Jersey's a great place to be from--FAR from.

Vicki Rocho said...

LOL...Iowa? People don't say a whole lot about Iowa! We're one of those states you forget exists unless you live in a neighboring state. They do always confuse us with Idaho though...and sometimes with Ohio. I can't say I've ever mixed up any states and my geography sucks.

Like this shirt: https://www.raygunsite.com/shop/women/t-shirts/idawahio

or this one:

Leah (aka Mary_not_Martha) said...

Oh boy, ever listen to Rush Limbaugh? And all his comments about Rio Linda? Right to the heart, I tell ya...even if his comments are true.(of course he got his start in Sacramento, the neighboring city)

Lenny said...

i read this on a tee shirt one time. im so southern im related to myself. ha ha!

Carole Anne Carr said...

I live in the county of Shropshire and people usually say, 'Where's that?'

Emily White said...

Buffalo, NY--quite literally the armpit of the U.S. At least we were prepared for the recession, though. This place has been going through a recession for the past sixty years.

Disgruntled Bear said...

Love the shirts, Vicki!

Leah--my parents are both Rush fans, so I know what you're talking about.

Lenny--I love it! Great shirt idea. My grandfather grew up in Alabama, and his accent always came out strongly when he talked about it.

Carole--I've got to admit, I'd have to look it up. I associate Shropshire with sheep and passing mentions (usually sheep-related) in English literature.

Emily--but you have the BEST hot wings on the planet! I have to order my wing sauce online: http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-86240483039517_2109_28198129

Vicki Rocho said...

I got my book! I got my book! YAAAAAAAY!!!

Just finishing up Devil Wears Prada (didn't know it was a book until after I saw the movie.) Once that's done, I'll be free to start a new one...I envy people who can read more than one book at once!

Thank you again (and again).

Disgruntled Bear said...

Hi Vicki,

Great! I hope you enjoy it!

- Kate

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