Thursday, January 27, 2011

Know What I Mean?

I was putting away the haul from a trip to BJ's last night and saw the claim on a package of Scope that read, "99 uses!"

Wow. I've only been using it as mouthwash. What else could Scope do? Could it dry into a rather intense potpourri? Serve as a preservative for laboratory specimens? Be used as a dessert topping *and* a floor wax?

Turns out, they meant that the multi-pack held 99 "servings," or whatever the equivalent is for something you're supposed to spit out.

The moral is: what seems clear to the writer may not be clear to the reader. Always have other people check your work to make sure they're not inferring something other than you're implying.

Legacy launch party tonight! C'mon over to Gibson's in Concord NH at 7pm! 


Lisa said...

LOL Good point. :)

Beverly said...

Thank goodness for good friends! My daughter has told me on a number of occasions that I am not allowed to write and send without someone checking - apparently I have had the same problem as the Scope folks!

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