Friday, July 30, 2010

I Have to Read That

June at Writing is a Blessing just posted a Minder review and giveaway.  Check it out here:

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There's another one at The Bookish Type, which is a great blog written by a fellow Yalie:

I mention both of these specifically because they each read for detail at several levels. I started thinking about what part of a review makes me click over to Amazon and throw a copy into my shopping cart. My "saved for later" section's got about 80 books in it now--I'll buy them when I have the time and money.


So tell me, what flips your "I have to read that" switch?

Great characters? Unique premise? Fluid prose? Emotional pull? Intricate plot? Heart-stopping action? Page-turning suspense? Snappy dialogue? Powerful narrative voice? Something I didn't mention but probably should know about?

Back to the galleys--I think I should have some burly, sweaty guy sitting in front of my desk and pounding out the cadence on a big drum. Proof...proof...proof...

(Get it? Galleys? Like the old rowing ships in movies like Ben Hur and-- oh, never mind).


aspiring_x said...

usually it's the premise of the book- and often recommendation from friends. :)
(loved your galley joke!)

Lua said...

Congratulations on your reviews Kate- they all look great 
For me, if the review gives me a good idea about the character, her issues, desires, and obstacles then I feel like I have to know her story…

coley said...

For me it's usually a page turner, or if it's a friend telling me about it and they couldn't put it down, then I usually want it.

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