Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beware of the Squirrels

Apparently, the squirrels of the world have decided to go after the writers.

From Lilith Saintcrow's LOL funny Squirrel Matrix to Orson Scott Card's Squirrel Genius, the internet is abuzz with discussion of the latest incidents.

I take this to mean that I'm in good company.  My husband's office is in the back of the house; it's a former screen porch that was winterized about a decade ago.  Rough, exposed beams still frame the high ceiling and the upper half of the room.

One night last month, my husband was working late by the light of a solitary desk lamp, and something moved along the beams. This thing scratched its way upside-down around the edge of the room, much like one of your creepier vampires might. But, when he shone a light in the direction of the sound, there was a flash of movement and whatever-it-was disappeared.

Suitably wigged out, he kept a wary eye, and eventually saw the perpetrator again. A mother squirrel had set up a nest behind one of my husband's picture frames. When he moved the frame (not knowing she was there) she crouched over her two babies and stared him down.

I repeat, this bold mama squirrel held off a man several dozen times her size simply with the look in her eye. You gotta respect that. My husband hastily backed away and called in his own scary female.

The mother squirrel and I sized each other up for a minute. Then I opened the window and closed the door behind me.  An hour later, mama and babies had left the premises.

I like to think that she'll tell the other squirrels that I'm okay--even if I am a writer.

Oh, and check out the latest review from Wicked Awesome Books:
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Renae said...

Great story. I love that you were the one to calmly handle things.

Disgruntled Bear said...

Thanks! I LOVE Lilith Saintcrow's "Neo the Squirrel" story.

Katie Pearl said...

Just saw the "Team Trevor" banner at the bottom. LOL!

aspiring_x said...

you gotta respect that!
we have black squirrels in our town (which is really odd because they aren't native here and stuff) but they are what our town is "famous" for. so it's against the law here to harm them in any way- even by accident! if they run out in front of your car, too bad for you. they think they own the town... actually, they kinda do own the town.

ann foxlee said...

Squirrels! I haz them!! They have lived in our attic off and on for 10 years, despite our best non-lethal efforts to get rid of them. We regularly trap the babies in a big cage-like contraption (baited with peanut butter), and then drop them off at a park a few miles away.
Somehow they always find another way back into the attic.

Our silliest squirrel story involves our dog Imo ('ee-mo', japanese for potato). When saw his first squirrel come out of the attic in a cage, he wanted to be FRIENDS with it! Until it tried to bite his nose, of course, then he just looked like his feelings were hurt. That dog doesn't have an enemy in the world, I swear. Whenever a dog or kitty or some other animal does something mean to him, he just gets this look, like "Geez...whaddjya do that for?"

oooh, and on another note, I'm having some serious deja-vu right now... been happening all week... weird...

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