Monday, October 4, 2010

Start Spreading the News

Hi folks,

I'm doing some training for my day job this week in New York City. I know it's a huge cliche, but I LOVE NEW YORK.
I get a contact high from the energy of the place. And, after about three days, I also come down with a serious case of potty mouth and my 'Jersey accent creeps back in.

So it's probably for the best that I'm only staying 24 hours.

But I plan to adore the intensity of it while I'm there.

Some people "recharge their batteries" at the beach.  Some climb mountains.  I traverse the urban jungle.  So, what place does it for you?

Oh, and here's another review that came out over the weekend: 
"I LOVED it!! I was totally caught up in the story and couldn’t wait to see what would happen next...Minder is a terrific read for both teens and adults."Sidhe Vicious Reviews


Unknown said...

How I wish I could do the same! Any room in your suitcase?

vic caswell said...

big cities make me super paranoid! give me a hiking tail in a forest anyday! don't you just love diversity? :)

vic caswell said...

err trail... not tail... oh well. you know what i mean! :)

Unknown said...

Have you heard about all the bed bugs they have been having in NYC? Oh I love the beach, the sun, a good book and a few cocktails!

Vicki Rocho said...

Okay, I always thought those I heart NY shirts were kinda dorky. But then I went to NYC (got home yesterday) and I LOVE NY too!

But for some reason, I didn't buy one of those shirts.

Anonymous said...

It's totally the ocean for me. There is something about being on a balcony watching the waves roll in and listening to the sounds of the water that can calm me like nothing else. I wish I were there right now.

Have fun in NYC! I love it there too!

Disgruntled Bear said...

I'm either a big-city person or an ocean person, too.

I've only been to Aruba in my dreams (and Maddie's and Trevor's!), but that's my next destination when I finally start taking vacations again. said...

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