Thursday, June 5, 2008

Don't feel like writing

I think my brain's power supply is faulty; nothing seems to be registering today. Anyway, for my three nonexistent readers, here is a fun site:


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Why do I bother? No one responded to my last post. I feel like I'm flinging message-filled bottles into a vast ocean, hoping for some human contact, but instead drowning in solitude (cue mournful violin music, or sarcastic guy pretending to play a violin to mock me cruelly).

I console myself with the fact that, when I am famous, people will dig up these old, archived posts and read them then. Ha! I will be vindicated! I hope this fun link-of-the-day still works in the future:

Madlibs! 'Nuff said.

Monday, June 2, 2008


It amazes me that the President of the United States can have such a huge impact on the rest of the world, and yet, less than 5% of the world's population can vote for him or her*. As I am in that less than 5%, I will be doing my civic duty and voting by absentee ballot this fall. It's a real pain to get all of the paperwork and all, but my chances of being called for jury duty from Istanbul are pretty low.

* 300 million people out of the world's 6.2 billion are Americans, and those under 18 can't vote, so it' significantly less than 5%.

I am a lifelong Democrat. Even if I have not always been so, the past seven years would have turned me into one. Ugh. It still surprises me that there are Americans who think that George W. Bush is a good president. However, most of them are the same people who "think that Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church," to paraphrase Tina Fey. And something tells me that they will not be reading my blog.

Actually, I wonder if ANYONE is reading my blog. If you are, please post a response today. Just a "hi!" will do; you can even post it anonymously. Thanks!

So, here's your link-of-the-day:

All sorts of weird gifts; just in time for Father's Day! A few years back, I ordered a robotic hamster wearing a cute Godzilla costume; it also played the song "Godzilla" when you squeezed its paw. What an amazing and completely pointless piece of machinery.

They also have a bacon-scented air-freshener. Really. And a poseable Sigmund Freud action figure. Even if you don't buy anything, it's a fun site. Only in America would you find all of these bizarre things that are made in China. Enjoy!