Friday, October 26, 2012


Hi folks, 

Spencer Hill Press has a great book coming out next year, Keshia Swaim's debut, Blood Bound. Her short story, "Family Ties," opened the UnCONventional anthology that came out in January, and (at the request of several of our editors, including yours truly), has been expanded into this novel. It reminds me of Morganville Vampires... but with fae! I think you'll enjoy it. But we've been back and forth about the cover design, so we finally decided to leave it up to the readers!

Blood Bound
   Starting college a year early is hard. Starting fae college and learning to protect the world from the Unseelie is harder.
   Brielle Reed has always been an over-achiever, but this time she may have bitten off more than she can chew. Between her crash course in fae politics, struggles to control her new mind-reading ability, training sessions with the demanding Dr. Schwartz, and discoveries about the father who is still a mystery to her, Brielle finds herself longing for a chance at a normal life.
   But she may not get that chance. Or chance at a life at all, for that matter.

So, for this book, which cover catches your interest more? 
The one with the hand... 

Covers by Vic Caswell
   ...or the one with the girl?
 Happy Weekend!

Title: Blood Bound
Author: Keshia Swaim
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press (
ISBN: 978-1-937053-45-1
Release Date: September 10, 2013
Formats: Paper, e-book

Friday, October 5, 2012

Cover reveal--AWOKEN

Hi folks, 

It's time for another cover reveal! Awoken is a "boy book" with an amazing and original twist.

Cover by Lisa Amowitz.

Fourteen-year-old Michael Stevens has never been ordinary; no orphan who hears music coming from rocks considers himself a typical teenager. But life gets a lot more complicated when two-foot-tall, albino, doll-like men sneak into his room one night, transforming the harmless music into a frightening ability he cannot control.
Soon, strangers in black suits begin to ask unsettling questions while unnatural animals with mismatched eyes haunt the streets. They are hunting, and not just Michael: anyone he cares about is in danger.
With the help of a mysterious drifter, an annoying girl he's accidentally mutated, and one of those creepy doll men, Michael finds himself in the middle of a war that could forever change the world he knows - reconstructing the very definition of humanity.
Title: Awoken
Author: Timothy Miller
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press (
ISBN: 978-1-937053-53-6
Release Date: August 13, 2013
Formats: Paper, e-book
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