Monday, March 25, 2013

The Kelpie

"The castle glittered as if it were made of crystal and shimmered solid parts as if they were made of moonstone or cat's eye.  It shouldn't have fit on the outcrop, but the outcrop seemed to have grown with it.  Behind the castle, the clouds that had darkened our trails had parted and stars glowed brightly."

The Faerie Castle is the most appropriate piece to put on Kate's blog, as Spencer Hill Press really is her castle of magic and wonders. Truly, being part of the SHP family is a magical experience that has changed my life for the better since Kate invited me to work on UnCONventional with her. :)  To be part of this professional family—and I repeat "family" on purpose—means that I have had this amazing privilege to nurture people's dreams, dreams they trust us with, and then be able to hand them that dream, actualized, as a real, physical thing. That's how SHP was created.
Thank you, Kate, for helping all of us get a chance to hug our dreams in person!