Thursday, April 29, 2010

You know you're a writer if…

You've considered mentioning your cat in the acknowledgments.

You listen to the people in your head more attentively than your family.

You have a "day job," instead of just a job.

You use terms like MC, query, galleys and partial in casual conversation.


Disgruntled Bear said...

You watch the show "Castle" and wonder how weird the world would have to get before the cops would ask YOU for a consult.

Kuyerjudd said...

I'm a writer, then. Woot!

My friends constantly make fun of me for using MC, and have made a running joke out of it (i.e., MC for "Mariah Carrey" in "I'm waiting for my MC.").

I wanted to give my hamster a mention, if that counts.

Brenda said...

HA! I like the comment about day job and find myself saying that. Usually with unflattering adjectives attached, but that's another matter.

Mia said...

All of the above!

I suggest..

You talk about your MCs to strangers as if they are family members and not only in your head.

You go shopping and find yourself chosing out clothes for your MC instead of yourself.

Sleeping appears on your "To do" list along.

Happy Thursday :~D

Disgruntled Bear said...

LOL Mia!

I do keep talking about my characters like they're my family.

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