Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Acts of Senseless Kindness

Hi folks,

Author Graham Parke has taken me up on last week's "promote your book"offer. His free novella is on his website here: http://www.grahamparke.com/gomezbday/gomeznewyear/gny476.html

Personally, I read it before I posted it here, and it's wicked funny. Actually, it reminds me of Douglas Adams' work, and that's high praise. Once you've read it, you can go over to Goodreads and tell people what you thought of it, too.

Which is, of course, kinda the whole point of Goodreads, so that last bit is sorta redundant on my part. Whatever.

Oh, and please be sure to vote in the awesome line contest!

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Graham Parke said...

A guest post and a review in one, thanks Kate!